Monday, August 18, 2008

today was a good day

Yesterday was really bad so bad I don't want to go into it, I'll talk about today today is amazing calm, relaxing day. The other night I could hear my neighbors going at it and whenever they do he puts on Coltrane and I get annoyed but today I looked out my window and sat there for about 3 hours listening to the john Coltrane's greatest albums and listening to that made me think about marriage and if "the one"/"Mr. right" was out there for me

Is he thinking about me right now?

will he like all the things I like?

will I marry an abusive guy like my grandma ?( that's my biggest fear)

how many kids will I have ?

will I know him when I see him?

did I let him go ?

and then in that mist of thinking I found my fedora and walked outside and sat on the stoop of my apartment building looking at people go by
I should people watch more often

well if he is out there I'll wait for him

Does everyone think about stuff like this when they are bored?


swag_ambassador said...

I love coltrane.. lol. I would be in heaven.. just awaitin an argument LOL.

kiki said...

when they argue they play marvin gaye, curtis mayfield, or james brown and then when they make up it's teddy pendergrass lol ...I love my neighbors