Saturday, February 28, 2009

This week sucks

1.I found out my ex has a new girl or what i thought was his girl is really his cousin ...they are the weirdest cousins i have ever seen in my life ( like that back woods shit ) boyfriend....i don't even know what to say ...because i really don't know what we are at the moment ....i care about him so much he doesn't even know and then i try to talk to him about it ( which i rearly do because i think it's bitching)and i don't hear from him , I texted and got nothing back..he's so laid back it seems as if i don't mean shit or like he's with me until something better comes as of now im waiting for him to tell me what we are so i don't feel like i wasted a f*ckin plane ticket for nothing

3.I hate my job , I work in my school library..I so nothing but look at magazines and play on the internet

4.Im in love

5.Im sick again

6. I have to pay $1300 to the school

7. no one reads this fucking blog so why do i write on here

8. I have to get out of ohio ...i came here for the wrong reasons anyway

9. i don't own a tv :(

10. women in DC please do not live your life like a fuckin zane novel it's fiction having all those men at once does not make you player it makes you ho have all those women at once because they are insecure and need something to make them feel like a man.when really they don't like to be alone without having to commit to one woman
....being a player is not cool because in the end you always end up alone
no one likes to play games ,

this is not checkers either your going to give it up to the guy or your not don't play mind games ,

women shut the hell up sometimes ..damn you talk to much, sometimes moments don't words just let it be

don't ask shit you don't wnat to know the answer to because then you'll get mad at him for some shit you asked the question to.

men don't know what the f*ck you want unless you actually say it
if you are in your 30 to 40's that whole chase game is over when it comes to men that whole " If he loves me he'll come after me"thing is over because he's your both to old to do that shit i swear to gosh if you love her say that shit don't have her thinkin you don't feel the same way after she said it 13 times and you said it 3 kinda ( I l_ove you , me too, I like you too) is not i love you ...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My blackness won't allow me to wear those, i mean those just open up the racist comments like *in country racist accent* "she loves watermelon so much she even had to wear it " i mean damn really or should i say my fashion sense won't allow me to wear those unless your a 9 year old girl and your mom thinks they are cute and easier than dealing with shoe strings ....after this I'm putting up dope shoes and BBC stuff that i pray i can own some day

Tuesday, February 3, 2009