Friday, January 9, 2009


sorry for the last depressing ass post lol...

ive been in ohio for a while and the weather sucks .Its been snowing for the last 3 days non stop ,so all i have been doing is homework and being pissed off that my ex is such an ass hole ( not going to get into that)...i don't have much to say other than what i have planned for my blog like: kick forcast,clothes i can see a star wearing,new mac computers ,new phones,youtube stuff, hair produces,why i like greek guys mostly alphas and kappas,cars,food,music and sex lol (well maybe not sex)..while im on the sex subject i have been like can i put this into words so i don't feel like a slut ...ummmmmmm in the mood alot, i guess it's all that working out i've been doing because my abs are on point ( that was a quick a.d.d. moment sorry) these are my goal abs pics :

Sunday, January 4, 2009

merry christmas and happy new year!

Sorry im late with that better now than never

this year has had it's up and downs as of right now my mom is homeless which is sad , I gave her all the money i have in world so she can stay with my grandma for a month while she looks for another apartment/house. It's sad when you try your hardest and someone always trys to knock you down .....ive been messing up on my duties as a girlfriend ( not calling i mean lol)

and for the third time my little cousin is pregnant she's 16 she just had a baby 4 months ago...damn shame

I need something to make me smile because im in a grey zone right now :(
Oh well that's life