Friday, January 9, 2009


sorry for the last depressing ass post lol...

ive been in ohio for a while and the weather sucks .Its been snowing for the last 3 days non stop ,so all i have been doing is homework and being pissed off that my ex is such an ass hole ( not going to get into that)...i don't have much to say other than what i have planned for my blog like: kick forcast,clothes i can see a star wearing,new mac computers ,new phones,youtube stuff, hair produces,why i like greek guys mostly alphas and kappas,cars,food,music and sex lol (well maybe not sex)..while im on the sex subject i have been like can i put this into words so i don't feel like a slut ...ummmmmmm in the mood alot, i guess it's all that working out i've been doing because my abs are on point ( that was a quick a.d.d. moment sorry) these are my goal abs pics :

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