Friday, March 28, 2008

Anna Tascha Larsson

This amazing jewelry is by an unique artist by the name of Anna Tascha larsson her jewelry has been seen in magazines in love with these pieces i mean how can you not like them , the headphone necklace and the happy face necklace are my favorite

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love Hellz bellz Spring collection

Hellz Bellz is so hot they have clothes that are girly and just looks so good on me with a comfort that doesn't make you feel like your wearing spandex /or feel like some guy will ask you for a good time for the a price (lol) , and this is the only clothing line i'll actually spent half my check on (half because I still have to pay rent)And as my grandma saying" if you can feel your nail through the clothes they ain't shyt " ( my grandma is old school) and hellz bellz pass the test ......I need more hellz bellz in my closet""

this varsity jacket is from hellz bellz 2007
collection it's sold out everywhere :(

online shop acholic:

I love this website this is the site where you can find the items you won't see anywhere else they have dope converse ( i know im kind of a tomboy ) but i don't care lol

my style inspiration :Agyness deyn

Agyness Deyn style is kate moss with a kick and im not the only one to take notice she's the muse of Jermey Scott ( dope ass designer) and her take on fashion has caught a lot of people eyes that's why she's a undergroundstyle maven