Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love Hellz bellz Spring collection

Hellz Bellz is so hot they have clothes that are girly and just looks so good on me with a comfort that doesn't make you feel like your wearing spandex /or feel like some guy will ask you for a good time for the a price (lol) , and this is the only clothing line i'll actually spent half my check on (half because I still have to pay rent)And as my grandma saying" if you can feel your nail through the clothes they ain't shyt " ( my grandma is old school) and hellz bellz pass the test ......I need more hellz bellz in my closet"http://hellz-bellz.com/"http://hellz-bellz.com

this varsity jacket is from hellz bellz 2007
collection it's sold out everywhere :(

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