Monday, May 25, 2009

me facts

facts about me

*I love to be in love

* I sing (not well) but I sing

* I was called gay in high school because i played basketball

* I love to laugh

* I love cars

* I cried when i won a trip to take a tour around the vogue office and into the vogue closet ( it was beautiful)

* I want to hang out with drag queens

* I want a body like sanaa lathan in love and basketball

* i can adapt to any man i talk to

* I've lied so much in my life i don't even know what's true anymore

* I want to move back to Brooklyn

* I'm jealous of any woman i feel that's prettier than me ( well maybe not every woman)

* I try not to get sad because it's a waste of time

* I don't cry because it's a sign i weakness

* I had a crush on another guy that blogs ( couple months ago ..I'm over it)

* next year i get out of school

* I taught my grandma how to stanky leg

* I want a 1967 gto

* i live in Maryland(boo)

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