Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's been a while

let me tell you guys what's up...I moved to ohio in september i don't know if i told everyone that because im to lazy to check, Ive been kinda feeling blah because i don't really know anyone here and it's cold as hell here i mean like D.C.'s cold has nothing on this ...the coat i bought from d.c. got raped by the harsh ohio air so i had to buy a new one. I realized that the people here dress and talk like they are from NY which is funny as hell because they think they are gangsta and it's laughable, I mean how gangsta can you be coming from columbus ohio lol....anywoo life in ohio has been calm and ive had my broke days where the only thing that helps is this helladope cutie and music

I'll get more into what's been going on later and maybe a love poem ? or maybe not

P.s. mr T.r.e.n.t keep your head up.. your more than the things you own :)

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