Tuesday, June 10, 2008

N.E.R.D. part 2

I tried to buy the seeing sounds album at my local barnes and nobles and it was sold out !.....wow....I thought i was the only one that liked N.E.R.D. but aparently everybody does because people were buying there album 3 at a time ...so i had drive to best buy to get mine ......And when I put it on in my car OMG this is Fire here's the track list

1. Intro
2. Everyone Nose
3. Spaz
4. Time For Some Action
5. Kill Joy
6. Anti Matter
7. Happy
8. Sooner or Later
9. Windows
10. Yeah You
11. You Know What
12. I Can’t Get It Out My Head
13. Someday I’ll Laugh About It
14. Laser Gun Carrying
15. Love Bomb

N.E.R.D spazzin

N.E.R.D. and ashy larry

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